PHP Application Development

We have extensive experience and expertise on developing application using PHP which is an open source technology.

We can develop e-commerce solutions, business applications, social media solutions, content management solutions, CRM applications, travel portals, real estate portals, classifieds portals, daily deals portals, job portals, discussion forums etc. using PHP technology.

We use open source technologies such as PHP, Linux, Apache and MySQL for development of low cost web applications such as

These applications are Inexpensive, Comprehensive, Easily Deployable, Remotely configurable and Facilitate rapid application development with increased efficiency all through the application lifecycle

Our technical expertise in PHP

PHP Frameworks : Codeigniter, Symfony, Zend, CakePHP

AJAX Frameworks: Prototype, jQuery, Yahoo UI

CMS: Joomla, and Drupal

Hire PHP Developers

We provide necessary infrastructure and manpower to a client on a dedicated basis where in the manpower work for clients, under Sriva's Supervision and guidance. The client will have to bear no additional costs and hassles to set up an Office, Infrastructure, etc. Hire expert PHP Developers for all your custom web development needs.

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